Friday, August 8, 2008

Community Radio Kudos in Utah and Virginia

I found a few bits and pieces about community radio this week, including a discussion with musician Amy Ray on about her song "SLC Radio," which is an ode to Salt Lake City community radio station KRCL. According to the CNN piece:

"...'SLC Radio,' about KRCL-FM, which Ray describes as 'a really progressive community station.' In the song, Ray, an out lesbian, sings 'Radio radio SLC fighting the good fight for me/ Boys and girls lend a hand, bend an ear in God's land.'

'I was thinking about community radio in general, and I was thinking about Mormonism and the fabric of the country and how much you see when you're traveling ... and the idea that change comes, but it comes slow, and it comes one person at a time,' she explains."

Additionally, an article on profiles community radio DJ Anna Golden from Richmond, Virginia station WRIR. Anna explains why she loves community radio, saying:

"I just think it is so important to have local people controlling their media. I have always really loved radio, and can sort of define my life by DJs and stations I listened to. Since radio is dying because of corporate influence, community radio is one of the few places where you can hear voices and music that are out of the mainstream."

She also shares an observation about the typical DJ personality:

"James Hickman (president of the Virginia Center for Public Press) said something interesting to me about the best DJs being introverts, because extroverts need actual live people to talk to. I think that may be true. DJs are just happy playing the music."

What do you think? Are most DJs introverts? How does this change one's approach to doing radio?

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