Monday, August 18, 2008

University of Kansas Radio Station Moving Out of Shack

Many of us college radio vets revel in the obscure and dingy digs that our stations are often housed in. Basements, hidden corners of campuses, and dorms are all beloved homes to college radio. University of Kansas station KJHK-FM (Lawrence, Kansas) is about to embark on a move from its current 900 square foot shack to a larger space in the student union. The move and renovation is expected to cost between $350,000 and $400,00 according to an article in The Lawrence Journal-World. The piece goes on to discuss some DJ sadness over changes to the station:

"One of the changes is departing from an environment that's become a second home. 'I think we’re all really sad we have to move,' [DJ Ian] Hrabe said. 'We're going to have a nice, slick, sterile studio. At the shack, stuff will come undone, and speakers will come out. I personally like the uncontrolled aspect.'"

You can read a bit about the history of KJHK in an excellent article from 2005 called "Alternative Flashback," which includes lots of stories, audio interviews, and a collection of station logos over their 30 year history on FM radio.

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