Friday, August 29, 2008

Philadelphia College Radio Collective

One of the reasons that I started Spinning Indie, is because I was hoping to bring together college radio DJs and listeners from all over the country in order to share tales about what's happening at stations that may not be in one's own backyard. Often college radio staff members work in isolation from other stations. One reason could be that DJs feel that they are in competition with the stations in their area.

With that in mind, it was so thrilling to read about the Philadelphia College Radio Collective, an organization that works to bring together college radio stations in the Philadelphia area in order to " together to connect Philadelphia college students to the city's music scene."

The Collective, which seems to have begun this summer, is working to promote music through their website (which includes a list of Philly bands, music reviews, a concert calendar, etc.) and through a series of concerts.

The 8 participating college radio stations include La Salle's WEXP, Temple's WHIP, Haverford/Bryn Mawr station WHRC, Princeton's WPRB, University of Pennsylvania student station WQHS, St. Joseph's University station WSJR, Swarthmore's WSRN, and Villanova Station WXVU.

Do college radio collectives exist in other cities?


Jasmine said...

Does this group still exist that you know of?

Jennifer Waits said...

The website doesn't seem to exist anymore, so not sure if the group does either. It's too bad, as it seemed like a great idea.