Saturday, August 9, 2008

Norfolk State's Urban Contemporary College Station Praised for Local Content

A big complaint about radio these days is that it fails in terms of playing local content. In a blog post this week, a college student vents about this topic and offers praise to college radio station WNSB (Hot 91.1) at Norfolk State University in Virginia because they do play local artists. According to the Life of the College Girl blog:

"...I was listening to Hot 91, which is Norfolk State’s radio station, and The Clipse was on the radio...they are a rap duo from Virginia Beach, VA...they were on the radio talking about how other radio stations don’t really support the hometown artists and they basically play the same songs.

I listen to Hot 91 all the time because they are diverse with their music. They play things that you don’t hear on any other of the radio stations in Hampton Roads...

Anyway, I’m writing this because I have to say that I do agree with them. I don’t think other radio stations in the area support artist from VA like they should...I know I would be pissed if I was a established musician and the radio stations that I’ve been listening to for years didn’t even want to play my music."

It's also interesting to me that WNSB is a college station, a public radio affiliate AND since 2000 has featured an urban contemporary format (they were a jazz station prior to that and played mostly instructional programming when the station began in 1980). They also have satellite jazz programming at night via Chicago station WFMT.

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