Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Radio UTD Profile on CMJ Blog

The CMJ Staff Blog writes occasional profiles about college radio stations. Last week they covered Radio UTD, the Internet-only station at University of Texas-Dallas. Readers of Spinning Indie will note that Radio UTD is also a regular on XMU's "Student Exchange Program," most recently on July 20, 2008.

The CMJ piece discusses how Radio UTD uses the Internet to promote the station, their tips on ticket giveaways, and what the station is like during the summer vs. fall. They also talk about some work they are doing with a big retailer. In the CMJ Profile of Radio UTD, station GM Natalia Zuniga says:

"We're working with American Eagle and HUM Media to be featured as one of the best college stations in the nation for their music page. We will be taping live shows for them once or twice a month for their website."

Wow. Radio UTD really gets around!

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<3 radio utd.