Thursday, August 28, 2008

Villanova Librarians Dig Underground Music

This morning (10-11:30 am Eastern time), "Reference Radio" returns to Villanova University's college radio station WXVU-FM. The show, hosted by library staff, sounds awesome in a geeky-cool sort of way. According to their blog:

"The creators and hosts of 'Reference Radio,' Dan Overfield, Research Librarian, and Chris Barr, plan to include regular segments including interviews with authors, musicians, librarians, and faculty as well as detailed reviews of databases and their content, reviews of library services, and trivia questions that require the use of library resources, interspersed with music.

The show was created to raise awareness and promote library instruction across Villanova’s academic community...

Dan and Chris believe that the 'Reference Radio' show accesses new patrons via an exciting and vibrant media. In addition to student requests, the musical component of the show is designed to expose listeners to an eclectic collection of music. 'We are excited to have the opportunity to share our love for independent and underground music, while helping students with their research needs. I could think of a better way to blend my personal and professional interests,' says Barr."

That's definitely a creative way to promote the campus library.

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