Friday, October 10, 2008

The Anti-College Radio Show?

In an article about the Internet-only Barnard College (New York) radio station WBAR today, there's mention of a new radio show at the station that might be surprising to college radio listeners, as it plays mainstream acts like Britney Spears and 'N Sync. According to the piece:

"In the show 'Naked Cake,' which airs on Thursdays from noon to 2 p.m., Barnard seniors Beth Anne Macaluso and Katie Moore blast music that listeners probably danced to in their middle school years.

'We essentially play guilty pleasure songs,' Macaluso said. 'We have your Britney Spears, your Rihanna, your 'N Sync. It's kind of the anti-college radio show.' Typical college radio show hosts are 'usually more pretentious and do the indie rock thing only. We wanted to do more of the trashy,' she said, laughing."

What do you think? Are"typical" college radio shows pretentious? Is there room for both indie rock and trashy pop at your station?

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