Monday, October 6, 2008

College Radio Tidbits - Homecoming Float and Transmitter Woes

A few little bits of news about college radio today:

College Radio Station WASU Wins Homecoming Float Competition

Now, I didn't go to a college with homecoming, but if I did, I would have been STOKED if our college radio station did a homecoming float. Appalachian State University radio station WASU-FM did just that and won first place. You can see a picture of the winning float in the article on

University of Missouri Station KCOU Faces Uncertain Future

An article today discusses a campaign by DJs at KCOU to save their station from possible extinction. There's been talk that after upcoming construction on the home of the station's transmitter, the school may not want to fork over the funds ($30,000) for a new transmitter and tower. The station is asking that the school consider providing these funds so that the station can continue to broadcast. You can learn more about the project to "save KCOU" on the Save KCOU website.

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