Monday, October 20, 2008

College Radio Tidbits - Flyer Radio Saga, Indie Dreams in Vermont, SoCal Station Curates Night of Arts Fest

Discussion Continues about "Flyer Radio's" Tightened Playlist

Another article discusses the recent programming changes at University of Dayton station "Flyer Radio" and brings up the fact that only student DJs are subject to the new rules (faculty and staff are exempt). Additionally, the piece reiterates the point that the changes came about after student DJs broke FCC rules, eliciting complaints from the community. According to the article:

"The policy changes include the rules that DJs can only choose from Flyer Radio's pre-approved and prescreened iTunes library of about 1,700 songs. 'We decided as a staff before the beginning of the year that the best way to do this was to stop allowing the DJs to bring in their own personal music via laptops, iPods or CDs,' [President of Flyer Media Laura] Steffey said.

Now, DJs can only play music that consists of classic rock, pop, hip-hop and R&B;, in hopes to appeal to the target audience of the UD community, Steffey said."

Indie Dreams of College Radio Station at Lyndon State College, Vermont

A recent article discussed the indie-oriented college radio station WWLR-FM at Lyndon State College in Vermont. In the piece the station's "Indy Music Director" and Music Director talk about the challenges in getting student DJs to play unfamiliar, indie music:

The article quotes Paul Searls, the station's "Indy" Music Director:

"'I got here 4 years ago and it boggled my mind, the musical cowardice that was going on at the station,” said Searls. 'People were playing the same things that they heard on all the other stations in the area.'

When Searls came to LSC and WWLR he began looking to create a more diversified music format. 'It’s been a slow long haul to really make the station do what college radio’s mission is supposed to be, which is to play the 99.9 percent of music you don’t hear on the commercial stations.'"

KUCR Curates Night at Local Arts Fest

University of California, Riverside station KUCR published an interview about their participation in a local indie/DIY arts festival taking place October 14-19th called Saturation 2008. At the event, they curated a club night that included bands and sets by KUCR DJs.

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