Thursday, October 9, 2008

Radio Goes Live at University of Wisconsin-Stout

Back in June I wrote about University of Wisconsin-Stout's plans to start up an online radio station. As of last month, StoutCast is now on the air. A piece this week in Volume One called "A Sense of Community" profiles the new station.

According to the article, radio had been absent from the campus for several years before student Matt Kaskavitch and others decided to lead the charge, establishing not only an Internet-radio station, but also a larger media venture called StoutMedia, which includes video, podcasts, and a blog for now. The article states:

"In September, the debut of StoutCAST in UW-Stout’s Price Commons finally achieved the rebirth of radio at Stout. Kaskavitch serves as the main broadcaster and DJ for music radio station, which plays a variety of genres 24/7."

Eventually, the project will expand to a private campus social network along the lines of Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to REAL Radio broadcasting at Stout? Years ago, a friend of mine (from Minneapolis) attended Stout... I came to visit, we used the recording studio to make some demos, and I hung around long enough to sit in on his radio show. Call letters WVSS? I recall a prof, nicknamed ACE, who I believe had responsibility for the studio or the overall broadcasting programs. Been a long time...