Friday, October 10, 2008

College Radio Tidbits - Bloggers and College Radio, Budget Rant, New Station in Pasadena, and KCOU Drama

There's been tons of college radio news in the past few weeks and here are some highlights:

Pasadena City College Student-Run Radio Station Transformation
Pasadena City College is the home to both a public radio station KPCC and a student club called "Lancer Radio." According to this article, the club's been around for awhile, but is reorganizing and hopes to have streaming radio up within the next few months.

Leaders Skeptical of KCOU Tower Plan
The debate over funding for the University of Missouri-Columbia radio station KCOU's proposed new transmitter continues. Additionally, another letter supporting the station appeared in the campus paper.

Blogger Reminisces about College Radio and Laments Big Budget Station Antics
On Das Bloggy Blog, there's a piece discussing the role of bureaucracy and fundraising in college radio (and, man, I'm seeing and hearing a TON of college radio fundraisers this week). The article jabs a bit at big budget ($270,000 a year) Columbia University (New York) radio station WKCR-FM, wondering why they expect a university endowment to fund their activities.

Music Bloggers and College Radio
There's a discussion taking place in the Elbows Music Blogger Community about the role that college radio may or may not play in the world of (mp3) music bloggers. Part of the introductory question is: "Are you bloggers listening and supporting your local college stations?"

Well....I can answer at least part of that question. Lots and lots of college radio stations have blogs, for one thing, and many of them are presenting music reviews on a regular basis. Additionally, lots of music obsessives are college radio listeners and some of those folks blog too. And, by the way, there's this entire blog about college radio here called Spinning Indie. I'm not an "mp3 blogger"...but do I still count for this discussion?

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