Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Radio Tidbits - Station Controversies and Call for Radio Station Revival at Assumption College

There were a few scandalous occurrences related to student radio stations this week, plus there was an article calling for radio revival at a school in Massachusetts:

Station Manager Fired in Mississippi
First of all, the Station Manager at University of Mississippi radio station WUMS "Rebel Radio" was ousted after it was learned that he was no longer a student. This came to light after he was arrested for failure to appear in court on credit card fraud charges.

High School Station off the Air due to Contraband on Computers
Meanwhile, Streetsboro High School radio station WSTB-FM in Ohio was just shut down after "inappropriate photos" were found on a station computer. According to the article, 21 computers from the station were removed for inspection after the incident. I think the most shocking thing about this story to me is that the station has that many computers!

Call for College Radio Revival at Assumption College
Additionally, a few pieces this week call for more attention to college radio. On his blog, Waiting for Speedway Fowler, Jim calls for the revival of Assumption College's radio station, which went off the air in 1980 when the transmitter died. Jim writes a bit about the competition in the vicinity of the Massachusetts school:

"WCHC is a decent, occasionally innovative station. WCUW, though it long ago grew beyond its Clark roots, is sort of legendary. WERS at Emerson and WHUS in Storrs are two of the best stations in New England. And Worcester State also has an active radio station."

He argues that Assumption College should have a station too, saying:

"It would be nice if the administrators over on Salisbury street would use a couple bucks to pick up a second-hand transmitter somewhere and re-establish the radio station..."

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