Friday, October 17, 2008

Staff Cuts at XMU

It was only a matter of time, I suppose...but the fallout from the merger between satellite radio networks XM and Sirius is just starting to become clear in various news reports this week, including an article in The Washington Business Journal. The article states that layoffs have occured and that among those affected are two staff members from college radio-friendly station XMU.

A message on the XMUnation website indicates that the top folks at XMU (Program Director Billy Zero and Dean of Music Tobi) are moving on to other endeavors. The post states: "billy zero and tobi have enjoyed the years of love, music, fun and passion we have exchanged with our friends in music. It's been more than a pleasure" and goes on to provide their respective personal URLs.

I'm sad to hear about this and wonder what will happen to XMU and all of its shows. Close to my heart, of course, is its innovative "Student Exchange Program." Keep your fingers crossed for them.

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