Saturday, July 12, 2008

College Radio Nostalgia

A few bloggers (in their early 20s) this week professed nostalgia for college radio, which is a great reminder to me that nostalgia can be for any era.

On her blog "My Life is a Stereo," Sofiblu writes:

"Folk rock singer/songwriter Thomas Bryan Eaton writes lyrics that cut like a knife, but string instruments and sunny backing vocals give them an endearing softer edge... So it turns out that Thomas is from my college town in upstate New York. These days, it doesn't take much to get me thinking about college, but I can totally imagine listening to Thomas and the Fear on my fave college radio station WCIB while trudging my way up the hill to hang out with friends in Club Uris, sippin' on some chai tea and munching on vegan pumpkin bread, dreaming up some Felicity-like drama in my life but without the infinitely interesting love triangle, and forever delaying the inevitable papers and problem sets that would be needed to complete my degree. Eventually."

She definitely sets the tone for a time and place, but I think she means WICB (not WCIB) at Ithaca College in New York.

Riffing off this post, Hunter Wry writes on her blog "That Lightning Bolt Was Mine":

"My friend is nostalgic for college radio. I too am guilty of being stuck in the past, staring off into space these days, daydreaming of better days. They probably weren’t even that much better, but I suppose that's what age does to you. It makes you view your past through a rose-colored lens. So, getting on to my Canadian music fix, Two Hours Traffic is a band out of Prince Edward Island, and Little Jabs was nominated for a Polaris earlier this month. The album is infectious listening, filled with memories of college radio sounds, an interesting mix of rock and pop."

How far back does your college radio nostalgia go? 2005? 1995? 1985? Or even earlier?

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