Saturday, July 12, 2008

Philly College Radio

On the Quaker Agitator blog, in a post about Jesse Helms, QuakerDave references a few college radio stations in Philadelphia--WXPN (University of Pennsylvania's public radio station), which he calls "the best college radio station on the planet" and the jazz and classical-playing public radio station WRTI (Temple University).

These were stations, along with Drexel University's freeform student station WKDU, that I used to listen to on my little digital clock radio back when I was in college at Haverford (by the way, a Quaker college) and couldn't get my own carrier-current station WHRC on my radio.

Penn students also have their own student-run station WQHS, whose dramatic history is worth a read. Additionally, out in the 'burbs, Swarthmore College is home to both War News Radio (distributed to many stations worldwide) and student radio station WSRN.

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