Friday, July 25, 2008

More Canadian Radio Drama

I just read some news about conflicts happening at Toronto, Canada's campus community radio station CKLN out of Ryerson University. This week the blog Take Back Our Radio Station published a statement from a group of members of the CKLN Board of Directors. According to the statement:

"In February, 2008, members voted to remove the non-student members of the Board of Directors and to dismiss the Station Manager and Program Director. This was done carefully and in accordance with CKLN’s By-laws. Subsequently, two community members, two volunteer members and a core staff member were elected to the Board, in accordance with the By-laws, in every respect.

The Board members and senior managers who were removed/dismissed have refused to leave and are taking actions they have no right to take. With a huge impact on CKLN."

Take Back Our Radio Station also includes links to media coverage about the situation at CKLN. Additionally, you can read more details in the CKLN website's news section.

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