Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vinyl Records at Best Buy?

It's pretty incredible that the massive music and electronics chain Best Buy is considering stocking vinyl records. According to Patrick Wall's The Playlist column in Columbia's Free Times:

"The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Best Buy is considering dipping its toe into the vinyl market. The big-box retailer — the nation's largest consumer-electronics store — has a pilot project in place that would stock an undisclosed number of stores with vinyl records. Obviously, Best Buy doesn't anticipate or need record sales to become a huge portion of its business, but many mom-and-pop record stores do, and Best Buy's doing what it can to drive consumers out of the record stores."

He makes an interesting point that by selling vinyl Best Buy could actually be hurting indie record stores.


Jon Schleuss said...

I wish there were more indie record stores left.

Jennifer Waits said...

There are still quite a few indie record stores in San Francisco, thankfully. Do you have many where you are?

Jon Schleuss said...

I think the only place to buy vinyl in Shreveport, besides antique shops, is Hot Topic.