Thursday, July 10, 2008

University of Georgia Freshmen get Athens Musical History Lesson

When I was a freshman in college I found the college radio station pretty early on, but even by senior year there were definitely students who were completely unaware of its existence. For that reason, I think it's amazing that University of Georgia has a track of its freshman orientation program that takes students on a tour of campus radio station WUOG-FM and provides an overview of the rich musical history of Athens. Last year's program allowed students to produce music together at the radio station too.

According to the program's website:

"With R.E.M., the B52s, and Widespread Panic all getting their start here, Athens, GA, is known for being a hub of musical talent. Dawg Camp Fusion will involve 12 to 14 first-year students in a four-day program...The program connects students with Athens' rich history and culture and tap into students' passions to promote involvement on campus in those arenas. Students will learn about the history of Athens music and musical venues, visit the campus radio station, interact with different music groups, and even have opportunities to share their talents with others."

That sounds like a lot of fun. Back when I was in college the film "Athens, Georgia: Inside Out" was released and it was incredible to see the caliber of bands from that town in the 1980s.

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