Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vermont's WBTN Sold to Community Group

In February I wrote about Southern Vermont College's decision to sell off their radio station WBTN 1370 AM. At the time it was unclear to whom the station would be sold and if it would remain locally-owned.

Today there's news in the Bennington Banner about the successful purchase of the station by a community group. According to the article "WBTN Celebrates Ownership Change":

"The station was recently purchased by Shires Media Partnership, a local nonprofit organization, for $100,000 from Southern Vermont College. College trustees decided in the fall they could no longer financially support the station creating an uproar of support from the community to keep the station's broadcasting local."

An article in the Rutland Herald back in May pointed out that students will still be involved with the station after its ownership change, stating:

"The radio station will still be used by Southern Vermont College students who are majoring in mass communications."

I'm sure we'll hear more in the coming months as WBTN makes its transition.

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