Monday, July 7, 2008

Independents Day 08

I was busy relaxing over the weekend and kind of missed the boat on "Independents Day 08," a celebration of all-things indie. The festivities were global and featured at least three (UK, US and New Zealand) limited edition online only albums full of indie artists. The U.S. version was only available July 4th to 6th and had 25 tracks, including songs by The Donnas, Atmosphere, Devendra Banhart, Living Legends and Frank Black.

Australia, Spain, and Italy also participated in this event and you can check the website for all the details, including a list of Australia's top indie albums of all-time (including college radio favorites Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil, Dirty Three, Nick Cave, etc.).

Dave Allen, of Gang of Four, wrote a bit about Independents Day on his blog Pampelmoose and also participated in their auction. He writes:

"In the spirit of helping independent music I have offered myself up for auction!...the lucky (?) winner of the auction gets to spend a day with me in Portland as I show them our clubs, bars, restaurants and coffee shops that form the underbelly of Portland’s amazing indie rock scene."

Did you celebrate indie music this past weekend?

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