Thursday, July 24, 2008

Community Radio and iPhone Streams

The other day I mentioned all the buzz about the ability to listen to radio over the iPhone. I'd heard rumors about various indie stations who had this capability already and today I got word from the folks at young community radio station (as of May 2008) UtahFM that they have a specific iPhone Stream that can be heard without having to download any additional applications. According to their press release:

"Utah Free Media (UtahFM) is proud to be one of a handful of stations worldwide to stream audio directly to the Apple iPhone...UtahFM's product is unique for iPhone users since it doesn't require the user to download an application from Apple's App Store but instead utilizes the Quicktime software already built into the device. Mobile streams are available for the newer iPhone 3g as well as older models."

Community radio station WFMU-FM has also been offering live streaming and archived content on the iPhone since November 2007 and may have been the first radio station to do this.

Super cool for both stations. Can you think of other pioneering radio stations with simple iPhone streams?


joyfish said...

Great - I've been meaning to go out and get a new iPhone and this is all the more reason to!

Mike Place said...

Listening to the UtahFM iPhone stream right now from Chicago. Sounds swell.

Disclaimer: I'm the co-director of UtahFM. :]

Logan 5 said...

I understand this to be a difficult proposition, and the only real way around it so far has been to have an instant-archive system that takes the live stream and prepares a static QuickTime file that the iPhone will play. I played with it for a while, gave up and bought Tuner for $4.99 on the App Store. Now I can tune into all my favorite stations and even listen to lo-fi streams via Edge network while I ride my bike to work. Sweet.