Monday, March 10, 2008

Canadian "Indies" Awarded

Canadian Music Week wrapped up over the weekend, concluding with their 8th Annual Independent Music Awards ("The Indies"). Winners included Feist, 3 Inches of Blood, The New Pornographers and Radiohead.

Here are a few reviews:

Canadian Music Week 2008 Blog (CBC)
"The awards themselves...kind of defied logic. I’m not entirely sure who votes on the Indies, but while there were a few obvious winners (Feist! Feist! Feist!), I’m baffled by how blonde-and-toothy Suzie McNeil beat out worthy contenders (eclectic indie rockers Miracle Fortress and Young Galaxy, as well as hugely popular emo heartthrobs Faber Drive) for Favourite Pop Artist. And what stars aligned in the Generic Rock Universe to result in alt-rock band State of Shock walking away with Favourite Single honours over Arcade Fire, David Usher, Feist and Major Maker?..."

CWM 08: the Indies @ the Royal York Hotel (Blog TO)
"...awards were handed out in every category from Favourite Metal Artist (3 Inches of Blood) to Favourite Children's Artist (The Smudge Fundaes)..."

CMW Club Crawl: Saturday (Eye Weekly)
"...does it not seem a bit counter-intuitive to hold the Independent Music Awards (aka the Indies) in a place where beers are $7.50? Still, as wedding reception-esque and tragically well-lit as it may have seemed, the Royal York’s Canadian Room felt like an honest-to-goodness award show on Saturday night. The backstage was like a copy of Exclaim! come to life, albeit with an abundance of offensively Hendrix-ian energy drinks and one ever-smiling Miss Canada."

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