Monday, March 10, 2008

Public Radio Drama after Failed KAZU, KUSP Merger

There's been a lot of chatter lately about public radio affiliates KAZU-FM and KUSP-FM in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area in light of their proposed merger that subsequently fell through and what that will mean since they will be competing public radio stations. Today there's a guest commentary in The Monterey Herald from Jack Jewett (an official at CSU-Monterey Bay). He writes:

"Thanks to a widening audience of listeners and growing financial support, KAZU-FM radio has momentum and a very promising future.

A decision last month to maintain the public radio station's independent status was accompanied by a plan to move it from its current home in Pacific Grove onto the CSU-Monterey Bay campus, where it can become an even greater community and educational asset.

In light of recent discussion about KAZU and its fellow public radio station, KUSP in Santa Cruz, our university seeks to underscore both its strong belief in KAZU's prospects for even greater success and a core commitment to serve the Monterey Bay region through broadcast news, information and entertainment."

He goes on to say:

"Some advocates of the proposed KAZU-KUSP alliance have sought to portray our foundation's position as part of a competitive struggle. This is not how the foundation board sees it. KAZU and KUSP can co-exist with distinct programming and different approaches to serving diverse audiences."

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