Friday, March 7, 2008

South by Southwest Invasion includes Rachael Ray and College Radio Stations

Austin, Texas is jam-packed this week with musicians, marketers, label executives, music fans, tech geeks, film lovers, bloggers, and mainstream food queen Rachael Ray (see below!) in town for the huge South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, focusing on indie media. Radio stations also have a huge presence, with many out-of-town college and indie-oriented stations sponsoring parties and doing remote broadcasts (so those of us who can't make it to Austin will still be able to catch some of the action).

Some of the radio activity this week includes:

KVRX 91.7FM (college radio from University of Texas, Austin): Presenting several shows at SXSW

WFMU 91.1 FM (community radio from Jersey City, NJ): Hosting a WFMU anniversary party (and live broadcast) March 14th featuring an amazing lineup of bands including Half Japanese, Evangelista, Harvey Milk and more.

The Current 89.3 FM (Minnesota Public Radio): Live broadcasts from Free Yr Radio events scheduled for March 13th, 14th and 15th

NPR to webcast shows from SXSW: March 12th, 13th, and 14th including R.E.M., Yo La Tengo and Vampire Weekend

And, some NPR affiliates (including college stations) may broadcast the above concerts live or at a later date.

There will be a ton of press about SXSW from a variety of perspectives, so I'm including a few articles thus far:

Marketing POV (MediaPost's Marketing Daily)
Pissed-Off Texan POV:
"South by Southwest is little more than a corporate-sponsored circle-jerk for the well-off, their friends and their sycophants." (Daily Texan)
Hip Tech POV (Wired's Underwire)
Indie Cred Watch POV covering Rachael Ray's SXSW party controversy (

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