Monday, March 3, 2008

Radio UTD on XMU "Student Exchange" Yesterday

The most recent college radio station on satellite channel XMU's "Student Exchange" show was Internet-only Radio UTD from University of Texas at Dallas. They took over the airwaves for 2 hours yesterday playing the likes of Xiu Xiu, Makeup Club [correction: The Make Up] , Yacht, Mount Eerie, Huxtables, Crystal Castles and White Williams.

According to an article in the campus paper profiling Radio UTD's XMU gig:

"At 6 years old, Radio UTD is the youngest station ever chosen for the program, as well as the only one that doesn’t broadcast on FM radio...Radio UTD was nominated for best student-run radio Internet-only station in College Music Journal’s College Radio Awards two years in a row, which attracted XM Satellite Radio's attention."

UTD may have been the youngest station on the show, but they actually aren't the only non-FM station that's been featured since last week's "Student Exchange" station was Chico State University's Internet-only KCSC.

Does anyone know which station will be on the air this coming Sunday?


chris said...

:( sry

Anonymous said...

The song was "I am Pentagon" by the band Make Up.
Honest mistakes all around!

Jennifer Waits said...

Thanks! I had a spy jotting down what he heard of the playlist, so can I blame him? :)