Sunday, March 2, 2008

Underground Music Panel in SF March 3rd

For you San Francisco folks, a discussion about underground music tomorrow night (Monday, March 3) at the Commonwealth Club could be pretty interesting. "The State of Music Today" will feature two of the founders of The Noise Pop Festival and a music writer/editor pontificating about indie music sounds and scenes in 2008 and beyond. According to the Commonwealth Club's website:

"Pop culture tells us that mainstream music is popular, and popular music is good. But what about the underground side of music that has such a huge influence on the industry? Terms like math rock, glam, hyphy and new grass permeate the scene. As music and sound continues to evolve, what will our time be remembered for? Which styles were just the flavor of the week, and which are here to stay? Who better to answer these questions than the artists and producers who are creating it? This panel of insiders sounds off on music in the 21st century."

If you make it to this panel, I'd love to get a report back about the discussion. Feel free to include your recap/reactions/insights in the comments section of this post.

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