Sunday, March 16, 2008

WXCU on XMU's Student Exchange Today

Another Internet-only college radio station was featured on the satellite radio program XMU "Student Exchange" today ("putting the you in XMU..."). Today's 2-hour show was curated by WXCU from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, which has the distinction of being named "Best Student-Run Internet Only Station" by CMJ last fall.

I caught the first half hour of the show (my favorite track was the Black Lips song) and here's the playlist:

Sea Wolf - "Black Dirt"
The Raveonettes - "With My Eyes Closed"
Jason Collett - "Out of Time"
The Kills - "U.R.A. Fever"
Black Lips - "Bad Kids"
Imani Coppola - "Raindrops from the Sun"
Silversun Pickup - "Rusted Wheel"
The Gutter Twins - "Bete Noire"

Does anyone know who's up next week on the show?

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