Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dinosaurs and Robots Mixed Tape Radio

Here's a fun radio show concept---playing random mix tapes discovered at thrift stores and the like. Last Friday was the first show of Mixed Tape Radio and the set list certainly takes me back. The tracks were in ABC order just like a mystery mix tape that I have in my collection from the 1980s...hmmm...I didn't even know that was a trend. I'm a bit unclear as to whether or not this is just an online show or if it also aired on a college station, as they referenced Trenton College.

Dinosaurs and Robots Mixed Tape Radio explains the concept:

"Every Friday night, Dinosaurs and Robots will upload a dusty cassette mixed tape! Found at garage sales and junkyard glove boxes, mixed tapes provide all the voyeuristic thrills of reading somebody’s diary without the related ethical quandaries.

Tune in each week for a new exploration into heavy metal thunder road trips, teenage bedroom melancholy meltdowns, college radio clunkers, headbanger barf bag parties, glam rock glitter fests, industrial punch-your-lights-out rockers and the ill-advised tapes created by lovers soon to be spurned. Before collaborative filtering, music was hand selected for us by those who know us best."

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