Friday, March 7, 2008

NY Student Encourages Gen Y to Explore College Radio

I just ran across this piece from the Fordham Observer about college radio, in which the author implores college student to check out student radio stations. Right on!

In "Lock Down your Aerial and Tune in to College Radio: Historically a Thriving Outlet for Independent Artists, Student-Run Stations Aren't Dead Yet," Jennifer Pelly writes:

"Does anyone remember the radio? At FCLC, a college without any sort of student-run station of its own (Rose Hill's WFUV is not student-run either), this is a legitimate question to ask. If we're leaving the airwaves in the dust, students at other colleges around the globe are remembering them for us-endless amounts of awesome student-run radio stations and shows are available to be streamed online, and they are a great way to discover new tunes, get a quick culture fix or a dose of music news and hear what other members of our generation within the college realm have to say.

There's no questioning that our generation's beloved blogosphere is growing exponentially at this very second. It is, however, worth questioning whether this fact is more positive than negative-even the unqualified and uninformed can blog about mindless topics. Student radio shows are similar to blogs on many levels but are often more refined and better developed; whereas anyone can start a blog, students have to prove themselves before they're given a show and can manipulate the airwaves.

Every once in a while, it pays to stop clicking around unedited rants on your web browser and start plugging in your headphones; try calling in and creating real dialogues rather than commenting anonymously. Listening to the radio may not be the most popular pastime of Gen Y culture, but checking out new shows and stations is definitely a better way to procrastinate than perusing Facebook. But not all radio shows or stations were created equal, so read on for a comprehensive list of sweet stations, and check out their individual Web sites for show schedules."

She gives brief synopses various college stations in New York, Boston, and the UK.

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JP said...

glad to see someone's reading! college radio for the win...your blog rules!

-jenn pelly